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Numerical calculations of the emergency situation as a result of the catastrophe of the mining waste facility of the largest facility in Europe: Żelazny Most. Analysis of the propagation of the catastrophic ripple wave as a result of the release of process water retained in the reservoir and the uplift and leaching of sand, dust and silt fractions.

Verification of the composition of the Siarzewo water stage under steady and transient flow conditions taking into account the movement of debris.

Mathematical modeling of the operation of rain chambers in the Vistula collector task.

Hydropower calculations of energy recovery potential along the process line of a wastewater treatment plant.

Programmatic-spatial concept of protection against flooding of the Wielopolka river basin with tributaries in the area of the communes of Wielopole Skrzyńskie, Ropczyce, Sędziszów Małopolski, Iwierzyce, Ostrów and Dębica, Podkarpackie Province.

Variant programmatic and spatial concept of flood protection of the areas located on the territory of the city of Jaslo in the basin of the Wisłoka River, the Jasiołka River and the Wawrzycki Stream along with their tributaries.

Report on environmental impact for the connector on the section Wierzchosławice junction – Krakowska junction – part in the Dunajec river interchange.

Report on environmental impact for the Investment named: Construction of a dry flood control reservoir (flow polder) in the town of Krzanowice.

Prognosis of the environmental impact of the programmatic and spatial study of flood protection of the Mleczka River drainage basin on the territory of the communes of Kańczuga, Przeworsk, Roźwienica, Zarzecze, Pruchnik, Jawornik Polski and the Przeworsk municipality, Subcarpathian Province.

Expertise in hydrological and hydraulic calculations for the identification of flood risk zones.

Calculation of the Magnitude of the Course and Range of the Surge Wave Caused by the Destruction or Damage of the Head Dam of the Designed Dry Reservoir in the City of Krzanowice.

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