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Debris transport

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Modeling of debris transport

Mathematical modeling using FLOW-3D

“Sorting” of debris on the example of the operation of one of the considered variants of the Siarzewo stage on the Vistula River.

An example of modeling the phenomenon of bottom erosion with a baffle placed to reduce progressive erosion.

An example of modeling erosion phenomena between two debris dams.

An example of modeling the phenomenon of erosion between two simple steps, characteristic sites of erosion and deposition can be seen.

One of the key elements of modeling the operation of hydraulic facilities is the use of mathematical models of debris transport. This approach to the problem allows optimal selection of parameters of overflow facilities and energy attenuation (outfall basin, bottom insurance and placement of chicanes) from the point of view of minimizing deposition and erosion in the area of the river bed/valley under the influence of the facility. FLOW-3D’s flagship example.